Happy Birthday Carmie!

Well, it appears I’ve done it again.  I’ve gone for an extended period of time without a post.  Uuuggghhh.  I hate it when I do that, but sometimes keeping up with life gets in the way of blogging.  However, I’ve got lots of amazing photos coming from various events and photo shoots this fall.  To kick us off I have included some photos of my daughters birthday party in September.  If you need a good Princess Themed Party, Grandma’s Princess in Apex, NC does an amazing job!

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Happy Birthday Will!

Ok, so my project to take a picture a day for an entire year was a flop!  Who know that raising two children, working a full time job and being a wife would take up so much time?

My plan to take a picture a day started when I was on maternity leave with Will.  Tomorrow is his birthday.  He’ll be a year old and I can barely remember how tiny he once was (it doesn’t help that he’s the size of a two year old either).  The video in the link below was a project that one of my friends, a truly amazing newborn photographer, did for me.  It’s a slide show set to music of Will’s birth.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing graphic, but if you have a child of your own, or love babies, it will probably make you cry.


William Jennings Hunter